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This blog seeks to demystify the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in drug discovery by exploring some of the challenges, opportunities and progress that has been achieved in the field so far.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad and evolving scientific field, and the value it can deliver at various stages of the drug discovery process is now widely accepted in the pharmaceutical industry. …

Do you know what “tool compound”, “target expression” or “IC50” means? If not, that’s ok, when I started Benevolent as a Product Designer, I didn’t know either. That’s why I work with expert users: our drug discoverers.

They help with understanding the domain and, more importantly, they help to shape digital product requirements. At Benevolent, all of our products are co-created through close collaboration between technologists and scientists. Why? Because it is impossible to design a good product without knowing and understanding your users’ needs. As…

Humans are social animals, a fact we are reminded of daily as we hunker down in our socially distant cocoons due to the COVID-19 crisis, while we are forced to share zoom drinks and virtual birthdays with friends and family, desperate to stay connected.

We all sit somewhere on a spectrum of sociability — whether you’re an introvert perfectly happy in your own company, or an extroverted social butterfly constantly in communication with swathes of people by a myriad of media. Everyone needs interactions with other people, be it for energy, motivation, support…

While scientists scramble to identify potential treatments and develop a vaccination to treat the physical symptoms of COVID-19, the rest of society is faced with coping with the secondary effects of the virus — the mental toll of isolation, economic instability or family crises.

On top of this, with the internet awash with news of COVID-19, our phones abuzz with continual updates on the latest government orders and infection spikes, it is often difficult to switch off from the seemingly relentless background hum of worry. Rarely has Mental Health Week been so directly relevant…

Yoga means much more than simply doing impressive postures — it can help maintain or improve mental health too.

At Benevolent, Marton and Francesca are both Senior Data Scientists, Marton specialises in Cheminformatics, and Francesca in Bioinformatics. On top of being professional scientists, they are also professional yogis who have continued to teach weekly remote yoga classes to our Benevolent team throughout lockdown. …

BenevolentAI Women speaking about equality

To celebrate International Women’s Day we hosted a fireside chat in London with four of our inspiring female colleagues to learn more about their experiences, successes and the barriers or challenges they’ve faced as a woman in a largely male dominated industry.

The Q&A was driven by questions submitted by our team via an anonymous poll, which opened the floor to an open and honest discussion around some of the most pressing issues facing women in STEM.

What is the biggest challenge you had to face in your career so far?

Trecilla: My challenges relate to juggling my career, family, and the stereotypes associated with…

How historically neglecting sex differences has impacted women’s health.

Sex differences have historically been neglected in clinical research, design and practice. To mark International Women’s Day, we explored how this ‘one size fits all’ approach to medical research and treatment impacts women’s health.

Men and women are different in several ways in terms of their biological makeup, and it has been long known that the expression of genes on X and Y chromosomes have a profound effect on health and well-being. Difference in sex not only contributes to the physiological and anatomical variations…

BenevolentAI- expert researchers

It is well documented that the lack of representation in biomedical research is leading to a data gap that can no longer be overlooked if we are to avoid exacerbating existing health inequalities in the age of digital health.

Advances in machine learning (ML) techniques are allowing the scientific community to unlock the potential of biomedical data and extract valuable insights. Yet amidst the hope sits a certain uncomfortable reality: not everyone is set to benefit from these advances. At the heart of innovation in healthcare lies the datasets…


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